1550 Fisher in Arizona | Stabicraft
1550 Fisher in Arizona

Stabi Stories

1550 Fisher spotted in the middle of the desert, The Captain investigates.

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2100 Supercab - Tassie Devils | Stabicraft
2100 Supercab - Tassie Devils

Stabi Stories

The Captain's juices flow like the east coast of Tasmania. It's raw, rugged and bustling with big bluefin - usually.

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Stabicraft Imitators | Stabicraft
Stabicraft Imitators

Stabi Stories, Company News

After 33 years of evolution, Stabicraft® has imitators producing so-called "Stabi Copy" boats.

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The Newly Crafted 1850 Fisher | Stabicraft
The Newly Crafted 1850 Fisher

Stabi Stories, New Releases

Stabicraft’s newly designed 1850 Fisher has undergone some serious innovation offering customers much MUCH more.

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