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The Beginning | Stabicraft

The Beginning


In a backstreet workshop in Invercargill, New Zealand, Paul Adams and Bruce Dickens build the first rigid hulled aluminium chambered boat - a Stabicraft® 3.5 dinghy called the ‘Ally Duck’.

Stabicraft® penned operations at 345 Bluff Highway, Invercargill and has remained there ever since.

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The Powerboat Centre in Christchurch becomes the first Stabicraft® dealer.

Stabicraft® boats are first exported to British Columbia.

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Thanetcraft Aluminium Boats are licensed to build Stabicraft® in the UK.

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Stabicraft® boats are first exported to a distributor in the USA.

Stabicraft® boats are first exported to Australia.

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Stabicraft® unveils the 550XC - the forerunner for the XR Sport range.

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The Generation II pontoon is launched.

Stabicraft® attains New Zealand Way brand accreditation.

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Stabicraft® appoints its first Australian dealers.

Sean McColl is appointed the company's first sales manager.

Two executive directors join the board - Ian Morrison and John Walley

The Stabicraft® 630HT wins the best fishing boat in show at the Auckland Boat Show.

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Stabicraft® donates a 4.3 metre and a 5.15 metre cabin boat to the Free Willy Keiko Foundation to help return captured orca to freedom in Iceland waters.

Stabicraft® supplies the gate prize to the New Zealand Boat show - a 580 HT.

The Jean-Michel Cousteau Oceanographic Institute buys a 630HT for its research facility in California.

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St Johns Ambulance take to the water at the America's Cup in Auckland Harbour in a Stabicraft® 703HT.

A factory upgrade doubles manufacturing capacity, raising it to 500 boats a year.

Stabicraft® adopts the CPC compliance plate.

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Leeon Johnston of Totally Boating, Motueka wins the inaugural top dealer award.

Stabicraft® appoints Dan Lomax as its manufacturer's representative in the USA.

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Stabicraft® staff numbers hit 50.

Stabicraft® Marine achieves Workplace Safety Management Practice primary level.

Stabicraft® builds the ‘Delphienidae,’ a customised 14-metre built for Dolphin Encounter Kaikoura - the largest Stabicraft® built. Too big for the doors, the rear wall is taken off the factory to get the boat out.

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Stabicraft® complies with the Australian Builders Plate level flotation standards - it's the first manufacturer to sign up for the standards.

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Matt Watson officially comes on board as an ambassador for the brand.

Stabicraft® 609HT wins best aluminium boat at the Otago Boat and Outdoor Show.

Stabicraft® opens a $1 million building upgrade expanding the workshop and production capacity to 1000 boats per year.

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The Stabicraft® 609HT wins Aluminium Boat of the Show at the Christchurch Boat Show.

Stabicraft® Marine wins Exporter of the Year in Southland Chamber of Commerce Export Forum.

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Stabicraft® first uses the Autodesk Inventor 3D modelling software on the new 759SC Sport G3.

Stabicraft® Marine managing director Paul Adams is named a member of the NZ Order of Merit for services to business.

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Stabicraft® supply Doc Warner’s lodge in Alaska with eight 589 Frontier Alaskan Specials purpose built for the US lodge market style of fishing.

Stabicraft® Marine builds a second factory (for larger, custom boats) and dedicated service centre on its Bluff Highway site.

The company installs the largest CNC router in the country with a 14m bed.

The Stabicraft® 759 SC Sport is launched with the revolutionary Gen 3 pontoon, which, coupled with slight hull modifications, gives improved on-water performance. It's the first boat designed with multiple options that can be retrospectively fitted, adding value to the secondhand market. Matt Watson takes delivery of the first one.

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Stabicraft® host the Australian and NZ dealers at a conference at Lake Hawea in Central Otago and try out the new 2150 Supercab.

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The 1850 Supercab is launched with the Gamechaser™ Transom and Arrow Pontoons marking a major design milestone.

The sleek new profile of the Arrow Pontoons represents the 4th generation in Stabicrafts chambered hull design.

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The 1650 Fisher is released into the wild and becomes the highest-selling Stabicraft model.

Complete with the sleek Arrow Pontoons, the new 1650 design was also a shift away from the recent fibreglass top Fisher style.

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Nicky Sinden becomes a new sponsor for Stabicraft® allowing the company to reach a different demographic of fishers.

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Stabicraft® and Sealegs joined in creating the 2100 Supercab ST.

Ken Stenton, is the first staff member to reach 20 years at Stabicraft®!

Zambezi Marine becomes the first African Stabicraft® dealership.

Eight 6.9m boats head up to Northern Territory Police and nine 8.8m boats go to the Australian Federal Police in Honiara.

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Launch of the 2750 Centrecab after extensive collaboration with Matt Watson.

1600 Fisher Carbon was released at the Hutchwilco Boat Show and wins 2015 Best Design Award.

Gene Denton from Whitiangler partners with Stabicraft® as a brand ambassador and takes delivery of the new 1850 Supercab.

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Launch of the new 1550 Fisher in November. With aggressive new styling, the model takes on the new look of Stabicraft®.

The 2500 Ultracab® is also launched, a collaborative design with our US dealers and customers.

The 1600 Fisher Carbon wins a ‘Red Dot Design Award’.

Three new 2100 Supercab’s are delivered to the Tongan Water Police.

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Stabicraft® turns 30! And celebrates by releasing 3 limited edition models.

Scandinavian dealership opens in Sweden.

2100 Supercab wins the Captain Magazine’s 6.5m alloy shootout judged by the owners of competitors boats.

Stabicraft® partners up with The Hunters Club, Zeikel Tackle and Joseph Parker.

Another Matt Watson collaboration resulted in the launch of the 1550 Frontier labelled “the ultimate fishing small boat’.

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The first edition of the StabiMag is released showcasing owners stories and behind the scenes insights into Stabicraft® as well as a complete buyers guide of all current models.

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Stabicraft® launches the 2250 range at the Hutchwilco Boat Show in May and wins the “All-Purpose Family Boat Up to 7 Metres” category.

CEO Paul Adams is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The newly designed 1850 Fisher is released.

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Stabicraft® loses five weeks of precious manufacturing capacity due to the global pandemic.

Paul Adams takes a step back and passes the CEO duties on to David Glen.

Stabicraft® releases two new models, the 1450 Series in March, and the 2250 Ultracab® WT (walk-thru) in November.

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Stabicraft's 2250 Ultracab WT (Walk-Thru) was awarded a prestigious 'Best of the Best Red Dot Award for global product design.

Stabicraft® picks up three new Best Design Awards for 2021. The awards include; A Gold in the overall Value of Design category, another Gold in Product Design for the 2250 Ultracab® WT, and a Bronze in Product Design for the 1450 Range.

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Stabicraft® established a manufacturing operation in Port Angeles, Washington State, USA, to help service growing demand in North America. The first New Zealand designed/USA built boat was manufactured at Port Angeles and launched at several USA boat shows.

The 2250 Ultracab® WT becomes the most awarded model in Stabicraft® history.

Inspired by co-founder Paul Adams, Stabicraft auctions off a 1550 Fisher with all funds donated to Kidney Health NZ.

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Aaron Greene is appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Stabicraft® Headquarters expand facilities to keep up with demand.

The '20 Year Club' is introduced and celebrates Adventure Engineers who have worked at Stabicraft® for 20 or more years.

The 2050 Treker® is released in December, just in time for Stabicraft® Marine's first attendance at MRAA's Dealer Week in Florida USA.

2024 | Stabicraft



2024 marks 37 years since we pioneered aluminium (aluminum for our North American friends) chambered boats that focus on both form and function. We’ve maintained our position as market innovators and leaders, designing for the end-user and delivering a safe, strong, high-performing solution for recreational boating. 'Stabi’s', as they are affectionately known, can be found in waters worldwide, adventuring with confidence. We have passionate and dedicated staff spread all over the globe and a global dealership presence in New Zealand, Australia and North America.

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