Explore Size Ranges

2750 Range

The ultimate fishing platform.

8.4m / 27.5ft

2500 Range

Unmistakably Stabicraft®, for the serious adventurer.

7.62m / 25.0ft

2400 Range

The largest of our Supercab range,

7.3m / 24.0ft

2350 Range

Configured to give you more everywhere

7.17m / 23.5ft

2250 Range

Explore with confidence. Fish in style.

6.85m / 22.5ft

2100 Range

The boat with an attitude.

6.40m / 21.0ft

2050 Range

Versatile beast will satisfy many fishing adventurers.

6.20m / 20.5ft

1850 Range

More space, more versatility, more confidence.

5.69m / 18.7ft

1550 Range

Compact and complete. The all-rounder.

4.75m / 15.5ft

1450 Range

The legendary original, revolutionised.

4.42m / 14.5ft