1850 Fisher


packaged to meet any adventure head on!

The 1850 Fisher has undergone some insightful innovations resulting in more space, stability, safety, and comfort. Available in 4 packages with varying specifications and multiple options to choose from, you can customise your preference. Whether you're fishing with the family, skiing on the lake, or off-shore with your mates, there is a package to suit everyone.

Boat Specification

Length Metric (Feet) 18.7’ft (5.69m)
Max Persons 6
Recommended HP 90hp
Maximum HP 140hp
Maximum Engine Weight 217kg (478.4lbs)
Leg Length 25”
Fuel Tank 150L (39.6gal)
External Beam 2.3m (7.54’)
Internal Beam 1.724m (5.66’)
Deadrise 16°
Tube Thickness 3mm (0.118”)
Hull Thickness 4mm (0.157”)
Total Sealed Volume (Approx) 1496L (395.2gal)
Dry Hull Weight (Approx) 748kg (1651lbs)
Tow Weight (Approx) 1340kg (2954lbs)
Length on Trailer 6.7m (22’)
NZ CPC boat safety standards
US Coastguard boat safety standards
ABP boat safety standards



In its rawest form, the ‘Standard’ 1850 Fisher package has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Packaged to suit the price-conscious buyer, the ‘Standard’ package comes standard with our legendary, all-glass, walk-through windscreen offering unparalleled access to the bow and beyond. You can expect a much larger volume of deck space over its predecessor (25% to be precise) and Stabicraft’s unique Game Chaser Transom for manoeuvring in those tight spaces.

The 1850 Fisher ‘Sportfish’ package allows you to stretch your legs, add a bit of colour and go in search of fish offshore, knowing you have 150L (40gal) of fuel as a standard feature. With the added protection of a rod and canopy arch, bimini roof, and drum winch, you can be sure to have all the features needed for a successful day on the water.

The 1850 Fisher ‘Profish’ package is the most well-appointed 5.5m (18.5ft) plus boat package on the market. To list but a few key features like Full Paint, U-Dek flooring, Hydraulic steering, and a live bait tank, you can be sure to be the envy of every other boatie at the ramp. The PROFISH package is not just designed for the keen angler, it is finished to a point where you can be on the water with your family in absolute comfort and safety.

The 1850 Fisher ‘Offshore’ package is designed for boaters destined for cooler climates. It has 150L (40gal) of fuel capacity, 2 x Icey-Tek chilly bins/cooler seats, and a large transom mounted fish box for your catch. The Offshore package is a seriously protected and safe 1850 Fisher with the added feature of the Closed-Cell Baffling and all-round canvas.

Market Availability

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This is a story of how Stabicraft REDEFINED the 1850 FISHERThe 18.5-foot boat that is more versatile to more people. This project was about answering one question. How do we offer more?

1850 Fisher - The FULL Scoop!

This is a story of how Stabicraft REDEFINED the 1850 FISHERThe 18.5-foot boat that is more versatile to more people. This project was about answering one question. How do we offer more?

1850 Fisher Profish - Gawaine Blake, Salt Guide

It wasn't named the 'Profish' for the hell of it. Gawaine Blake of Salt Guide explains why his stealthy black beast is the ultimate King magnet. 

1850 Fisher - Family Fishing Adventure

The official family boat of summer. The all NEW 1850 FISHER comes family tested and approved! Confidence.

1850 Fisher - More Boat, More Family.

INTRODUCING the all-new 1850 FISHER. "More space, more stability, more family, more confidence, much MUCH more!"

1850 Fisher - Matt Watson Review

Matt Watson puts a great value all-round boat to the test.

This fold-up screen allows unparalleled access to the bow

Walk-thru windscreen

The 1850 Fisher walk-thru windscreen not only provides for largely unobstructed viewing while closed but also makes access to the bow unparalleled in the marine industry. Whether hauling in an anchor, loading/unloading gear or accessing land, this unique windscreen makes easy access possible.

Due to the wide beam, the deck volume is a vast 2.76m³ (97ft³)

Massive Deck Volume

The 1850 Fisher is a big little boat. Stabicraft's Design team went all out on maximising the 1850 Fisher beam to 2.3m (90in), which equates to a 25% increase on its predecessor. All that extra space means a more relaxing day on the water for you and your crew and safely manoeuvre around the deck area.

The legendary GCT allows anglers to safely back down on big game fish

Game Chaser Transom (GCT)

The Game Chaser Transom adds to major benefits to the 1850 Fisher. Firstly, a safe way to quickly back down on most sea conditions without swamping the back of the boat. Secondly, the wedge shape design gives the skipper much manoeuvrability in tight spaces like a marina or boat ramp.

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The Stabicraft Standard

All Stabicrafts are designed to exceed the safety standard upheld in their local market.

US Coastguard Safety Standard | Stabicraft

US Coastguard boat safety standard

CPC Boat Safety Standard | Stabicraft

CPC Boat Safety Standard

CE Boat Safety Standard | Stabicraft

CE Boat

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