Stabi® Innovations

Life Ring

Stabicraft’s individually sealed Aluminium Positive Buoyancy Chambers act as a life ring for your boat. This gives your Stabicraft® positive buoyancy, allowing the boat to stay level and afloat when filled with water.

Extra toughness and durability are built into the spine of the boat with the chambers internal hull bracing. Plus, the chambers reverse chine means the hull has considerably less roll from side to side while at rest, so you won’t spill your drink when everyone dashes to one side the boat. This unparalleled stability gives you more comfort, and less overall fatigue after a day out.

Engineered and designed over four generations of Stabicraft®, the life ring provides stability, safety, and the flexibility to use your boat like never before, and underpins our owner’s ability to Adventure with Confidence®.

Closed Cell

Often referred to as foam-filled pontoons, the Closed Cell Baffling is an innovation unique to Stabicraft®. Polyurethane is injected into the airtight chambers that make up the pontoon creating a whisper-ride effect. It offers owners superior comfort, significantly reducing noise from the engines and silencing the water slapping against the hull while at rest.

In the unlikely event, a chamber in your life ring is compromised, the polyurethane cell will also hold the same buoyancy to keep you afloat – an added layer of protection to get your crew home safely.

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Engineered into the shape of a V, the Gamechaser™ Transom parts the water as you go. No more waves crashing over the back while stationary or when you reverse into big waters chasing game fish.

It also gives you more control and accuracy while reversing, especially while manoeuvring around wharfs and jetties.

Water flows around transom Improved reversing control And manoeuvrability


Featuring raked back welds between each chamber and a reduced chine at the shoulder where water flows off the hull, the Arrow Pontoons have dramatically changed the profile of the boat.

This 4th generation chambered hull design gives an all-new feel when driving, a sleek profile, with handling that feels like “driving on rails”. The chambers finer entry offers a softer approach through waves. Coupled with the reduced chine at the shoulder, the arrow pontoons also provide a more comfortable landing in big water.

Softend shoulder

Reduced impact in key areas

Finer entry

Better ride through waves

Wing Style

The wing style coamings are a reference to Stabicraft’s featured-packed gunwales. While their winged shape helps deflect water spray, they also double as internal storage space and provide steady seating or walking areas for when the boat is at rest. The added freeboard of the high wing shaped sides offers safety and peace of mind, especially when kids are onboard.

New Stabicraft® models take this even further by offering ‘broadhead coamings.’ This continuation of the arrowhead gives you extra useable space at the bow and greater deflection from spray.