Explore Style Series

Ultra Centrecab Series


360 degrees adventure platform coupled with the distinctive FORWARD RAKING CAB. Ready for anything you can throw at it.

2750 Ultra Centrecab

2750UCC large

2250 Ultra Centrecab

2250UCC large

Ultracab® Series


Distinctly Stabicraft®, the forward raking cab sport a roomier cabin, less glare – and an aggressive silhouette. You’ll turn heads.

2500 Ultracab® XL

2500UCXL large

2250 Ultracab® WT

2250UCWT large

Supercab Series


Designed with the serious adventurers in mind. Edgier, stronger and more durable than ever.

2400 Supercab

2400SC large

2350 Supercab

2350SC large

2100 Supercab

2100SC large

2050 Supercab

2050SC large

1850 Supercab

1850SC large

Treker Series

TREKER series

Treker - resilient, reliable, and ready to embark on adventurous journeys

2050 Treker

2050TR large

Fisher Series


Unquestionable Stabicraft® Style built to weather all storms. Capability and comfort driven.

1850 Fisher

1850FI large

1550 Fisher

1550FI large

Frontier Series


All the space and stability to get you out further. And back safely.

1550 Frontier

1550FR large

1450 Frontier

1450FR large

Explorer Series


Toughest tiller steer on the market. Packed with features and ready to ride.

1450 Explorer

1450EX large