11 May 2022 3 New Stabi® Models Released Into the Wild

4,000 design hours launched

Stabicraft® has released three new models into the wild, with the new 1550 Frontier, 2050 Supercab and 1850 Supercab. Stabicrafts' in-house design team has dedicated over 4,000 design hours across all three projects. Because good things take time.

Each of the three new models will represent an important step in Stabicrafts' evolution. Ready to shake up and set a new standard inside some competitive size classes.



The 1550 Frontier has undoubtedly lived up to the excitement surrounding its unveiling at the Boat Show.

Its spacious design, thoughtful features, durability, and versatility make it a top choice for boaters. Whether you're an angler, a family looking for adventure, or someone who appreciates a well-designed boat, the 1550 Frontier promises an excellent experience on the water.

Stabicraft offers flexibility in options, allowing buyers to customize it according to their preferences. It can be equipped with an underfloor fuel tank or a live bait tank welded to the transom, providing choices for different boating needs. Seating options are also available, enhancing comfort and functionality.



Older brother to our 1850 Supercab and the biggest, broadest and longest 6ft boat in our range, the 2050 Supercab is small enough to beach beach-launch and large enough to explore the ocean confidently. 

One of the most notable improvements is the spaciousness of both the cockpit and the cabin. The boat is wider internally, and the height of the cabin has increased, creating a comfortable and protected space for those inside. The cabin also offers shelter from the wind and spray, making it ideal for extended trips.

Both the 2050 Supercab and the 1850 Supercab feature a new hull design. These improve the boat's ride to help keep water off the windscreen for a drier experience.

Perfect for family outings, the boat has plenty of room to accommodate everyone comfortably, thanks to practical elements like a live bait tank, a sliding window for easy access, and well-placed storage spaces for chilli bins and fishing gear. Additionally, the roof extends out to provide cover, ensuring a comfortable experience for those on board



Described as the "little brother" of the Stabicraft 2050 Supercab, it packs a punch in terms of visual appeal. The 1850 Supercab is a modern and sleek design. 

Optimizing the weight and width resulted in a more spacious interior without sacrificing the ability to walk around the outside of the boat comfortably. Notable features include: Stainless steel rod holders, well-placed grab rails, a single centre wiper and innovative storage options.

The boat's interior is highly versatile, catering to different needs. Whether you're a dedicated angler or out for a leisurely cruise, the 1850 Supercab can adapt to your preferences. If you're seeking a versatile and well-crafted vessel for fishing, cruising, or exploring, the 1850 Supercab is undoubtedly worth considering.


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