Stabicraft 2100 Supercab wins Shootout

Sea-shaking Australian boating magazine, The Captain, hasn't been surfing the media waves long, yet with the speed twin 350Hp, V8 powered 2750 Centrecab, the boys - aka Jack & Trav - have raced this innovative glossy into serious contention as the Down-Under industry leader.

The Captain's audience is loyal, knowledgeable and vocal – it’s a tribe that knows boats and doesn't suffer any nonsense - so it would be fair to say, the Stabicraft team greeted the invitation to join The Captain's inaugural Alloy Shootout with considerable enthusiasm.

And why wouldn't we? Going head-to-head with respected competitors like Surtees, Barcrusher and newcomer Ozsea is exactly the sort of challenge we weld boats for!

Always looking for an opportunity to buck convention, The Captain's judging strategy was to employ a panel of your peers. The actual owners of the competing vessels were tasked with accessing the competing fleet; no insinuation of bias could be leveled here!

And what do ya know, we won! We'll leave the details to the Captain's pages for now so do yourself a men’s-room reading favour and order a subscription here: The Captain subscriptions. Australia might be a long way from the USA but these fellas know boats and fishing; you might just learn a trick or two.

One last note - with Alloy Shootout proving what a competition crushing choice the Stabicraft 2100 Supercab is for serious fishos, you might want to check out its details on Stabicraft 2100SC