22 November 2023 ROKKIT KIT'S Humble Come Up!

Meet stabicrafts new ambassador, RokkiT Kit!

Meet Rodney, aka RoKKiT KiT; the Captain caught up with Rod to get a rundown on his boat, gear and how he made YouTube his career!

Rodney Pacitti, known as RoKKiT KiT online, is passionate about catching fish, cooking a feast and enjoying it with friends and family. He does everything from fishing, spearfishing, sailing, kayaking, solo camping, and much more. Growing up in Gold Coast, Australia, his family loved camping and fishing; outdoor adventures became second nature to him. He proudly owns a Stabicraft boat, which he takes on epic adventures.

Planning on an epic adventure in the wild waters of New South Wales, excitement and nerves intertwine as RoKKiT KiT and The Captain gear up for a fishing escapade. The presence of a cyclone creates uncertainty, but fortunately, it moves off the coast and clears up just in time for RoKKiT KiT and The Captain to catch up.

On a quest for a big Spanish mackerel, they find the perfect weather window and duck up and down the coast of New South Wales. 

Unfortunately, Rodney admits that while the plan was good in theory, there was a struggle, leaving them yearning for a catch. Motivated by catching some pleasant little surprises, such as a giant trevally, they stay dedicated to capturing the mackerel and having a fresh cook-up.

Putting in the hard yards with little success, they head closer to RoKKiT KiT's stomping grounds. Expecting to be out on the water longer, he hooks a spotty almost too quickly to believe. On the verge of giving up on the Spanish due to the roughness down the coast, he opted to stay local and caught a legal but not colossal mackerel.

Initially, uploading videos on YouTube was a casual endeavour for Rod to share fishing moments with friends. Moving to the Gold Coast, he was intrigued by guys focusing on speed fishing. Lacking local knowledge and mates in the same pursuit, it was a rocky start.

RoKKit KiT comes from a graphic design background, and editing and showcasing his fishing adventures through video excited him. Realising a decent number of people were tuning in, he saw an opportunity and discussed it with friends and his wife. Some were sceptical, but one mate encouraged the pursuit.

From there, his channel grew steadily, expanding beyond kayak fishing to other trips. Sharing the journey and learning experiences with a growing audience has been immensely rewarding for him. The progression from kayak to boat fishing has been a conscious one, with the kayak remaining a vital part of the channel due to his genuine love for it and its contribution to the channel, sparking his passion for fishing.

With around half a million subscribers, the channel is now sustainable as a job, though he earns less than some might imagine. Videos that stand out include solo camping adventures and catch-and-cook episodes.

RoKKiT KiT has always had a soft spot for smaller boats, influencing his purchase of a Stabicraft. Stumbling upon The Captain's video featuring the 1410, he fell in love but discovered it wasn't in production anymore. Luckily, Destiny had the 1450 waiting for him on the Stabicraft website.

"It's compact enough to allow me to embark on the kind of trips I've always loved, but with a bit more range and scope," said Rodney Pacitti.

Decking out the 1450 with every possible extra, the boat performs exceptionally well and looks exceptional. Rodney expresses it ticks all the boxes with its stability, safety, and ability to handle big boat adventures.


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