Family Adventures Onboard the 2750.

Introducing his 2750 Ultra Centrecab as the "Humvee of aluminum boats." Rich takes pride in his Stabicraft, his ideal vessel for family adventures alongside their luxurious Rhondavous, an 82-foot Ocean Alexander.

From tent camping to owning a cabin cruiser and eventually finding Stabicraft, two-foot-itis got the better of Rich. A Father of 'adult children' in their late 20’s and 30’s who have children of their own, he decided to get a more extensive and safer boat to accommodate the extended and growing family.

Talking with Rich, he mentions he had a friend who owned a cabin cruiser named 'Predator', which they dived and fished on. That friend has since passed, and out of remembrance, the 2750 is called 'Predator'. Looking to add his flare to the boat, Rich did the antennas black with a black radar complimented by a striking blue wrap. 

All year round, the family goes on boating adventures; however, summer and spring are their favourite seasons to get out in the waves. Navigating the waters of Northwest Washington, pulling pots of Dungeness crab, fishing, shrimping and island exploring. They all enjoy the thrill of the catch, sharing stories, and laughing onboard. The 2750 Ultra Centrecab brings the family closer, creating lifelong memories for the whole family.

"It's more than just a Sunday dinner at home or going to a movie. I mean, we're all together; we're on an adventure. Everybody helps out; everybody pitches in. It brings us all closer together, and it's great for the family." - Rich.

Rich and his wife appreciate the practicality of the walk-around design, allowing them to navigate and tie up their boat effortlessly. Unlike other boats that require tiptoeing or crawling through windows during docking, the Stabicraft's thoughtful design ensures a safe transition between vessels. Rich emphasizes the ease of handling, describing it as a beautiful boat, much like other Stabicraft boats.


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