23 January 2024 37 Years of Adventuring with Confidence!

From rugged waters to recreational adventures.

Founder Paul Adams shares the early challenges he faced taking his work boats to the recreational market, Stabicraft Legend Matt Watson looks back at two of his favourite marlin and tuna missions and how he started his iconic TV show, and we hear from three different kiwi owners about how their time on the water has shaped their lives.

Thirty-seven years ago, Stabicraft began manufacturing aluminium-positive buoyancy chambered boats in a backstreet workshop in Invercargill. Initially focusing on boats for commercial fishing and diving, Paul Adams recognised the need for a boat capable of withstanding the mighty Foveaux Strait.

Driven by a commitment to durability and safety, challenges were faced when transitioning from the industrial to the recreational market. Customers struggled to understand the unconventional approach despite the innovative designs, forcing Adams and his team to reconsider their boat designs to align better with market expectations.

Nearly four decades later, these humble beginnings paid off, and Stabicraft boats are all across the globe! With manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and the United States, Stabicraft Marine continues to evolve and lead with innovation.

Stabicraft Ambassador Matt Watson, alongside three passionate Kiwi owners, Dave Strudwick, Ihaka Steel and Mike Taylor, share their personal experiences and stand as compelling testaments.

Matt Watson, a fisherman turned television show host, reflects on his maiden voyage that involved catching a giant bluefin tuna, exhibiting the reliability of Stabicraft boats.

Dave Strudwick expresses the joy of bonding with his family and the pride in passing down the love for boating to his son. Meanwhile, Mike Taylor expresses the significance of family time on the water, emphasising Stabicraft's impact in creating lasting memories.

Lastly, Ihaka Steel, a "salty dog", reminisces on his childhood growing up in a family of fishermen and how it influenced him to get amongst it.


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