30 November 2023 Jim's First Battleship!

Retirement dream come true!

Meet Jim. He's finished working and enjoying the coast in his 1850 supercab! Proud of his blue beast, he's got big plans to make the most of his newfound free time exploring fishing grounds across the country!

Living in Washington State, Jim Schindewolf is the proud owner of a Stabicraft 1850 Supercab. First laying eyes on a Stabicraft in 2015, the boat became part of his retirement plan. Jim refers to his 1850 Supercab as a "battleship" because of its ability to handle challenging sea conditions. Despite his limited ocean experience, he feels secure and confident adventuring onboard his 1850 Supercab. 

Jim appreciates various features such as the drum winch, fish box, and efficient storage. The boat's versatility allows him to engage in fishing activities, particularly for salmon, where he uses the fish box for bleeding and storage. He praises the design elements of the 1850 Supercab, such as the walk-through transom, rear boarding ladder, ample cabin space and storage compartments.

From having minimal ocean knowledge to undergoing a six-week course with an ocean coach named Charles, Jim quickly learnt to navigate the seas. The course covered various aspects of ocean navigation, from weather and waves to app usage for informed decision-making.

Jim plans to explore different waters, including California's Avala Beach for whale watching, the San Joaquin Delta, San Diego for tuna fishing, and Canada for big Halibut. His Stabicraft 1850 Supercab allows him to adventure into oceans, lakes, and rivers with a sense of limitless possibilities. 


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