The compact boat with a big attitude - The 1550 Fisher

As Mark Twain famously wrote, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, it's the size of the fight in the dog.”

 Stabicraft's best-selling model ever, the 1550 Fisher redefined compact vessel performance and versatility when it was released in late 2016. 

As compact boats go, the 1550 Fisher is about as complete as a package gets. How many sub-16-foot boats can you name with built-in tackle trays, a purpose-built cooler, a full walk-through windscreen, underfloor fuel tanks and the famous Stabicraft positive buoyancy chambers? Complete with outstanding on-water performance, it’s not surprising this vessel’s had boat journos across the globe praising its name since the first day its shiny hull ripped up the salty.

When you talk to the factory blokes, it's clear the company cleared the decks with the 1550 project. The goal of "best darn compact the fishing boat the world's ever seen" is a lofty one. Preconceived thoughts on what "good" looks like hold no place on that path.

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With a clean sheet of paper in front of the team's top design minds, the list of "must haves" started with the obvious things; characteristics inherent to the brand's famous DNA - as defined by the Stabicraft Experience:

Often described as the  of the ocean, Stabicraft vessels exhibit exceptional stability in a sea-way thanks to a series of buoyancy chambers surrounding the hull, much like a life-ring. It’s this stability that’s made Stabicraft the brand of choice for numerous commercial operators, particularly in tourism, where load carrying and stability at rest is paramount.

When travelling at speed, Stabicraft hulls create a cushion of water under each life-ring chamber, thus softening the ride. This characteristic is visibly demonstrated by the reduced spray a Stabicraft hull produces under power. It could be said the craft glides on the buoyancy created by those sealed chambers.

Stabicraft toughness is literally that, legendary! And it’s no accident, it’s by design. The angular hull forms draw on physics to bring stiffness to a structure anchored around those life-ring chambers, with internal hull bracing providing longitudinal rigidity to the boat.

Yep, it’s those sealed buoyancy chambers again! Stabicraft vessels are virtually unsinkable, and it’s thanks to that series of sealed compartments surrounding the vessel and all the souls who sail in her. A minimum of three separate sealed chambers forms each Stabicraft “life-ring”, more in larger models. Stabicraft 1550 Fisher offers approximately 260 gallons of sealed buoyancy to keep your crew floating in a flooding scenario.

VIEW STABICRAFT 1550 FISHER full specifications

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To say that the Stabicraft 1550 Fisher development enjoyed a healthy handful of consumer feedback is something of an understatement. The brand has numerous professional captains to call on for that essential injection of real-world boating experience. It can also draw on a large and engaged worldwide audience of owners.

Consistent with the list of needs for any compact boat design were versatility, practicality and usable space. Without going to exhaustive detail, owners wanted to get more out of these low-cost boating platforms. They want clear decks and little compromise when considering adventures that can be realistically tackled in a sub-sixteen-foot model. The boats also need to be easy to use.

How about accessing that front anchor locker? Any compact boat enthusiast knows how tricky tiptoeing around the gunwales can be. Problem solved with a full walk-through windscreen. It works just as well when clambering on to the beach.

Clearing the decks meant making sure as many essential items as possible could find a custom-designed home. Designing a stow-away compartment around a popular cooler, then including that cooler in the tow-away package proved a master-stroke, freeing up as much as a third of the vessel’s available floor space.

Tackle boxes always seem to get in the way so why not build some basic lure trays into the other seat? Three Shimano tackle trays are plenty for most day fishing trips – job done!

And fuel range? Well, why don’t we put the gas under the floor? That will keep the decks clear. Yes, the Stabicraft 1550 Fisher offers 22-gallons of underfloor fuel, plenty for most trips with room for onboard tanks should you need the extra sea miles.

With so much capability built-in to an easy-to-use package, it’s no surprise to the company so many people have seen the unmatched value offered by the Stabicraft 1550 Fisher.

Already the brands all-time best seller, Team Stabicraft looks forward to a massive 2018 Summer boating season for the small boat with a big attitude.

As Mark Twain famously wrote, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, it's the size of the fight in the dog.”

VIEW STABICRAFT 1550 FISHER full specifications





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Stabicraft 1550 Fisher underway
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Stabicraft 1550 Fisher with walk-through windscreen