2250 Ultracab WT

Boat Details

Boat Specification

Length Feet (Metres) 6.8m (22'3")
Max Adults 8
Recommended HP 150-250hp
Maximum HP 300hp
Maximum Engine Weight 575kg (1267.6lbs)
Leg Length 25”/30”/25”
Fuel Tank EPA 378L (100gal)
External Beam 2.5m (8'2")
Internal Beam 1.97m (6'46")
Deadrise 17°
Tube Thickness 4mm (0.160")
Hull Thickness 6mm (0.250')
Reserve Buoyancy (Approx) 1214l
Dry Hull Weight (Approx) 1485kg (3273lbs)
Tow Weight (Approx) 2370kg (5224lbs)
Length on Trailer 8900mm (29'19")

Standard Features

Refer to model brochure Standard

Optional Features

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Safety Features

Reserve Buoyancy
NZ CPC Boat Safety Standards
US Coastguard Boat Safety Standards
LED navigation lights
Australian Builders Plate Boat Safety Standards



The new WT model features a full-height walk-thru in the forward-leaning cabin, allowing easy access to the foredeck, and to the bow for ease of fishing and storage options. It’s the ideal boat for island-hopping or coastal exploring, as well as undertaking fishing excursions. Hard-core fishermen won’t be disappointed in the 2250UCWT’s on-water performance.

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