Meet our ambassadors

We are proud of our ambassadors. All are keen boaties that have had a love for Stabi’s that stretches longer than becoming an official ambassador. They are simply part of the team because they share the same passion for the brand as we do.


Stabicrafts: 2750 Centrecab and 1450 Frontier
Vessel Names: GOT ‘EM ON & TE Honky
Other Brand Partners: ITM, Furuno, Evinrude, Hosking Trailers, Shimano, Hunting and Fishing, Toyota, Ultimate Fishing, Beuchat

Matt Watson comes from a long line of fishermen. Recreational and commercial fishing is in the blood, although Matt has always had ideas on how to do things differently. His outrageous fishing stunts and passion for the ocean has reached hundreds of millions of people around the world. Matt has been labelled with many titles, but if you ask him, he’ll tell you he’s a fisherman, and he’s a fisherman who always has his eye on the next big adventure.

BILL DEE - Zeikel

Stabicrafts: 2750 Ultra Centrecab and 1450 Frontier Pro Fish
Vessel Names: Z-Office and Vitamin Z
Other Brand Partners: Zeikel, Koof Trailers, MyCoolman, Honda Marine, Raymarine, Narva

Founder of Zeikel Fishing Tackle, Billy Dimitropoulos has spent his life traveling the world chasing exotic fish, in 2014 he designed a range of fishing rods that compliment his style of fishing and today Zeikel is a household name. Supplying gear to over 10 countries the brand has grown significantly in this time and is associated with Many industry leading brands.

GENE DENTON - Whitiangler

Stabicrafts: 1450 Frontier Profish and 2250 Centrecab
Vessel Names: Whitiangler
Other Brand Partners: Yamaha, Garmin, Fusion, Shimano, Hella Marine, Smart Marine, Mares, CRC/Ados, Balex Marine, DMW Trailers, Spy Optic, Stormline, Whitianga Marine Centre, HiTech Plastics

Born and bred on the Coromandel Peninsula, Gene grew up on, under, and around the ocean. Fishing, diving, spearfishing, surfing - if it’s anything to with the ocean, he's there! Aka “Whitiangler” - Gene runs a very successful charter business based in Whitianga. Gene takes everyday people on adventures they will remember for a lifetime, whether it's chasing the famous NZ Kingfish, big Snapper, Hapuka, Marlin, Tuna - Gene prides himself on providing an unforgettable experience. When he’s not taking people on crazy adventures, Gene likes to spend time fishing and diving with his family.  Fun fact: Gene's 11yr old son Reef has his dive certificate, and wife Rata is a fully qualified skipper!

ADAM CLANCEY - Fishy Business

Stabicrafts: 2250 Centrecab and 1550 Fisher
Vessel Names: Fishy Business and Fisher Sardine
Other Brand Partners: Daiwa, Mercury Marine, Jarvis Walker, Simrad and Lowrance, Isuzu, DMW Trailers, Balex, Tonics Eyewear, and Maxwell.

As the presenter and producer of fishing and the free diving TV show "Fishy Business" Adam spends a lot of time on the water all over New Zealand and need boats that can handle any conditions. Currently, he is running two Stabicrafts, a 2250 Centre Cab which he uses for offshore adventures, and 1550 Fisher for inshore and harbour fishing and free diving. He has always been a fan of Stabicrafts having had around 7 different models over the years from a 389 tiller steer right up to the two he has now. What he loves about Stabi's is the stability, comfort, and performance they provide. As the catchphrase says "You can adventure with confidence". When he's not on the water he spends time writing articles, putting out fishing and boating-related social media, and doing public speaking engagements at boat shows, boating, and fishing clubs. In his spare time, he love cooking up delicious seafood that has been caught.


Stabicrafts: 1450 Frontier and 2500 Ultracab XL
Vessel Names: Whipper Snapper & The Kraken
Other Brand Partners: Garmin, Yamaha, GFAB, Beuchat Team Members: Tim Barnett, Dwane Herbert, Nat Davey, Rochele Davey, Sam Wild, Kieran Andrews, and Julian Hansford. 

The Hunters Club comprises of creator Dave Shaw and the stars of The Red Stag Timber Hunters Club and South Seas Spearo TV series. An experienced team of keen free divers and spear fishers. Hoping to encourage a new generation of Kiwi’s to get out and experience all the action and adventure that goes hand in hand when mucking around in boats!

SALT GUIDE - Craig Cox and Gawaine Blake

Stabicrafts: 2050 Supercab and 1850 Fisher
Vessel Name: Salt Guide
Other Brand Partners: MY Marine, Mercury, Dunbier, Garmin is an online subscription based fishing guide based around Port Phillip Bay and Western Port in Melbourne, Australia. Their members log in to the website and obtain all the information they could possibly need for a successful day’s fishing - day in, day out. Being on the water in their Stabi’s most days to find the fish, they needed reliable, heavy duty boats that wouldn’t let them down, so they love their Stabi's. They are excited to get the 2050 & 1850 Fisher into the water as these arrive, and they will be the fourth and fifth Stabicraft's they have enjoyed over the years. The 2050 Stabi will be used as a film boat for the hundreds of short tutorial vids on all things boating and fishing so the size and stability is perfect for their needs. The 1850 Fisher will be the work horse used to find the fish in the bays and offshore, as well as to provide guides so again, a solid, reliable boat is key.

ROWAN HOOK - Wettie Southland

Stabicraft: 1850 Supercab X1
Vessel Name: Te Matau
Other Brand Partners: Wettie Southland, Yamaha

Rowan lives in the beautiful Southland region at the bottom of the South Island. He manages a small spearfishing shop based in Invercargill. Living in some of the most rugged parts of the country where the sea can be unforgiving, he needed a safe reliable boat that was built for purpose and could handle the rough seas that we encounter. With this in mind, he could look no further than a Stabicraft! Rowan regularly go out spearfishing, and fishing, and travels around the South Island looking for great places to dive, and the different adventures to be had!


Stabicraft: 1550 Frontier
Vessel Name: C.R.E.A.M (meaning cream of the crop)
Other Brand Partners: Kilwell, Humminbird, Minn Kota, Shimano.

Matt calls himself an amateur fisherman that likes to pretend he knows what he's doing. He can generally be found hooning around the far north with his son in their "awesome" 1550 frontier, looking for new reefs to soft bait or a good patch of water to drag some lures around in search of YFT and Marlin. Fishing has been his happy place since he was a sprat. He says, "it's in his blood," and he's very proud to be part of the Stabicraft family.


Stabicrafts: Former 459 Fish’r owner, working out of a 2500XL and dreaming of a 2750
Vessel Names: Shortcut/Dark Knight II

A mechanical engineer by trade, American patriot by choice and Native American by birth, Andre Corpus is a God-fearing, gun-slinging father of three who is in love with the Pacific Northwest. He can be found both hunting and fishing year round, and dreams of running his own fishing charters one day.


Stabicraft: 2100 Supercab

Jason resides in sunny Motueka, a haven for all things outdoors such as Able Tasman, D'Urville Island and the Marlborough Sounds. These destinations offer some of the most stunning scenery, and fishing spots around the South Island. Boating has always been part of Jason's lifestyle since his early years. Having organised and run fishing competitions, and creating a new fishing club, Jason is now happy to kick back and enjoy the outdoors, and adventuring in his 2100 Supercab. As he says, "life is short, make the most of it".


Stabicraft: 2100 Supercab
Vessel Names: O-SEA-D
Other Brand Partners: BLA Boating Lifestyle Adventure, Minn Kota and Humminbird

Adventure has been in Adrian's blood since he was a child. He grew up building jumps for his dirt bikes in the Perth hills, but knew he had a soft spot for the coast so would take a 2-hour commute on the bus just to ride some waves with his mates.

30 years later, he packed up the 4x4 and moved to the south coast of Western Australia where the ocean is his backyard. As a heavy-duty mechanic in the mines, he spends his weeks off boating, fishing, and camping and has the boat out in the water any chance he can get. Adrian hasn’t completely given up the dirt though, because if the boat is ever parked up, he's out getting the 4x4 dirty. Chasing adventure is forefront. Adrian never forgets to take the drone because sometimes you need to see it to believe it! he says.


Stabicraft: 1410 Explorer
Vessel Names: Machete
Other Brand Partners: BLA Boating Lifestyle Adventure, Minn Kota and Humminbird

Alex has owned his 1410 Explorer since April 2018 and is blown away by the stability and security of his boat in any conditions. He mostly uses it for spear-fishing. As an active member in a New Caledonian environmental non profit organisation, he offers his help with his boat for collecting garbage on shores, beaches, mangroves and coral islands.

He also uses "Machete" for carrying young trees that are replanted on islands for forest restoration projects. He says it's an advantage using the 1410 Explorer as they can load it very heavily, up to 800kg of charge without impact on its stability.


Stabicraft: 2400 Supercab
Other Brand Partners: Webbe Marine, ExplodingFish, Deck Armour, Aego Illumination, Catch Fishing NZ

Growing up holidaying on the NSW South Coast, Daniel was drawn to the ocean and spent most of his time fishing every chance he could.

Today, Daniel still spends every second of his spare time dedicated to the fisherman's lifestyle. Residing in Sydney a bulk of his adventures are within a few hours distance to the Sydney Metro, although he regularly packs the boat for extended camping escapades chasing the bite up and down the NSW coastline.

Daniel also travels around the Asian Pacific region seeking out remote and unique locations to drop his next line, in search for that next trophy fish.