18 October 2023 Stabi's Newest Dealership in NSW!

Stabi's Newest Dealership in NSW! | Stabicraft

stabicraft is riding the waves in new South wales

Stabicraft has a new dealership in New South Wales! Say G'day to Watersports Marine! 

Watersports Marine in Sydney is the go-to destination for all boating enthusiasts. The dealership boasts a wide variety of boats, including family, fishing, ski, and race boats, representing top Australian and New Zealand manufacturers.

With a legacy spanning over 50 years, Watersports Marine offers customized package deals, encompassing boats, motors, and trailers, while their Kings Park service center provides services, from general repairs to specialized setups. For both leisure boaters and competitive racers, the experienced team, many of whom have a racing background themselves, are available to provide support and advice.



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