16 May 2022 David Rarm steps aboard

David Rarm steps aboard | Stabicraft


Born and raised in Christchurch, David Rarm joins Stabicraft® after working for Formula 1 tyre manufacturer Pirelli for the past 15 years and doing business in over 30 countries.

At the start of his career, he left Christchurch for Rockhampton, North Queensland, working in Australia, then throughout the world while raising a family. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, boating and the greater outdoors.

We spoke with David about his first thoughts on Stabicraft® and what excites him about the new role,

"The company was like a cross between Ferrari and Tesla because I could see the history and passion with brilliant innovation. I admired Stabicraft® selling in competitive markets worldwide, and it's not easy to sell outside of your home country. It's a fantastic achievement.

The design has got that go-anywhere attitude, and it could easily be parked in a mooring Monaco and not look out of Place or parked in Lyttleton harbour, it's got its unique design features and a great history. The passion from our customers for Stabicraft® shows how strong the brand is, and it's a testament to the team's work here.

Strong brands don't just appear overnight. They go through an evolution and go from evolution to revolution. I feel that we are in the revolution stage where we are meeting more demand and growing rapidly, and it's such an exciting brand to be part of."