Update from YMarina - July 2018

"As a rule of thumb, the most successful guys are looking for temperature breaks and birds as indicators of fish presence. Technology is playing a part too, with top-line navigation installations and drones. Everybody’s having fun with their toys!

First up, Paul George of YMarina say’s it’s great to see so many boats leaving the yard ready for action. The Summer 2018 boat market is undoubtedly buoyant. And that’s probably not surprising given the reported quality of the tuna fishing.


In Paul’s own words, “They’re knocking em dead, man.” A friend of his took 80 albacore tuna in a single day with another acquaintance reporting 63 fish for the day. It’s the hottest season the sportfishing fleet has seen in several years.

The 30 to 40-mile mark seems to be the bite zone, and you need an offshore-capable boat for such a run. The weather’s also proven favourable of late. That could change anytime, so Paul recommends well-considered planning for such a trip.

As a rule of thumb, the most successful guys are looking for temperature breaks and birds as indicators of fish presence. Technology is playing a part too, with top-line navigation installations and drones, “Everybody’s having fun with their toys!”

It doesn’t hurt to have a network of friends on the water, as well. Your small fleet can cover more ground hunting the fish while enjoying the added safety of travelling in numbers.

Paul’s view is that the current albacore tuna season has another six-weeks in it, so now’s the time to get organised and out there!


For those keen to maximise the eating qualities of the catch, Paul has a few pointers:

Smoking and canning are both excellent ways to go.

While there’s plenty to enjoy with the do-it-yourself approach, those with little time, equipment or skill can opt for a professional service like Chuck’s seafood right there in Coos Bay. Visit www.chucksseafood.com for more information and contact details.

Paul’s favourite barbeque tuna recipe involves medium rare steaks with lots of teriyaki sauce and bacon. We can almost smell those mouth-watering aromas coming down the phone.


Further to the exceptional tuna fishing, Paul’s local clients are still reporting excellent bottom fishing, with solid catches of turkey-red and vermillion rockfish. A quick Google search offers July as peak season for these two species. There’s also good lingcod fishing to top the bin up.

Serious anglers will be delighted to hear the royal trio of King, Chinook and Coho (silver) salmon runs are about to unleash. Paul estimates these prized sport and table fish should be entering Coos Bay any day. In fact, given its five days since we spoke, they could be on the charge today.

As Paul puts it, “When the salmon run happens, this place will go nuts. You’ll be able to run across the bay on aluminium boats.”

With Coos Bay at the center, friends of YMarina should also be considering Bandon and Winchester Bays as potential destinations when the logistics suit better. Winchester tends to fish better earlier with Coos Bay having a stronger Fall run. Chinook salmon to 61-pounds have been caught in the area with historical records showing fish to 80-pounds.


As a parting comment, Paul reminds us not to forget the striped bass fishing the area offers as a bonus. These hard fighters are equally good on the table.

Oregon also offers some of the world’s best Dungeness crab fishing, which many locals rate above the famous Alaskan king crab. YouTube provides plenty of good advice on Dungeness crab fishing in Oregon including this informational video from the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife: https://youtu.be/KNFxSK0bb1U or How to crab snare fish (Comprehensive Guide) https://youtu.be/R9163vrXTRs


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