Boat Country Update - December 2018

For Tylor Hawley and the Boat Country team, December’s focus is two-fold – winterization and January’s rapidly approaching Seattle Boat Show.

It’s always a pleasure to catch up with Tylor Hawley. One of boating’s most approachable and informative guys, Ty’s enthusiasm never seems to flag – even as the mercury falls into the low 20s!

Our chat with Tylor this month was a timely reminder of how close the Pacific Northwest boat show season is from kicking off, and, to make sure we remind Stabicraft owners about the importance of a solid winterization plan.

Stabicraft 2050 Supercab


Arguably the most significant industry event on the Washington State calendar, the Seattle Boat Show opens its gates in only six weeks. Planning for the show is in full swing, with an impressive line-up of Stabicraft models earmarked by Boat Country for display.

Tylor and his team have close to 5000 square-feet slap-bang in the middle of the Century Link Field Center, on which to display its wares. Stabicraft models are likely to occupy about 50% of the display.

Boats to look out for include the all-new flagship 2750 Ultra Centercab, last year’s rock-star - the 2500 Ultracab Weekender, the 2050 Supercab, the 1850 Supercab, the new 1650 Fisher and the company’s super popular 1550 Fisher.

As Tylor said, “We go big, or we go home”. They are certainly going big.

We’ll have more enticing information on the Seattle Boat Show to offer next month. For now, the vital information is as follows:

What: Seattle Boat Show

Where: Century Link Field Center

When: January 25 to February 2nd, 2019

More information:


If you haven’t winterized your boat already, Tylor strongly recommends you get to it soon!

Boat Country’s professional service team is well qualified to assist and offers a range of winterization specials tailored to suit your vessel type and storage plans.

For information and an indication on pricing view Boat Country’s Winterization specials here:


Fuel Stabilization Modern ethanol-blended fuels are susceptible to moisture absorption, and as the weather cools the water tends to separate forming a corrosive water/fuel blend. There’s potential for damage to almost all surfaces coming in contact with the destructive liquid, including most metallic parts and rubber seals.

Gasoline also decomposes over time exacerbating the problem. The addition of a quality fuel stabilizer will help mitigate such issues.

Cylinder Fogging Seattle’s typically moisture-laden air enters the internals of a combustion engine via air-intake system and valves. As the water condenses out on the cold internal surfaces, there’s potential for corrosive damage to the inside of the combustion chamber.

Unlike older two-stroke engines, where a protective oily residue usually coats the internals, newer four-strokes can be all but oil-free inside. The addition of fogging oil is a positive step to reduce the potential for damage during the lay-over months.

Battery removal While often excluded from a standard winterization service, if practical, battery removal is worth considering in some circumstances. Fully-charged batteries are not likely to freeze but as they become discharged, the possibility of freezing increases. Frozen batteries can exhibit plate distortion or even a cracked housing, allowing battery acid to leak out as it thaws.


Northwest Salmon Derby Series

Created and directed by the Northwest Marine Trade Association, The Northwest Salmon Derby series is worth pencilling in the diary. It generally supports activities contributing to a healthy wild salmon fishery, with many opportunities to win excellent prizes as a bonus to fishing adventures.

Serious salmon buffs are reminded the Northwest Salmon Derby schedule kicks off on January 4 with the Resurrection Salmon Derby, in Anacortes. While the first event is already fully booked, there are another 14 events in the line-up to fill out the fishing calendar.

Both Boat Country and Stabicraft are keen to hear how you get on in the Salmon derbies or any other events, so please touch base with your stories by email at, on our Facebook page: or on Instagram:

NW Salmon Derbies in January and February

  • Resurrection Salmon Derby (Anacortes): January 4-6
  • Roche Harbor Salmon Classic: January 17-19
  • Friday Harbor Salmon Classic: February 7-9

For more information on the Northwest Salmon Derby Series visit

Stabicraft 1550 FisherHAPPY OWNERS

Stabicraft would like to extend its thanks to Tylor for arranging an interview with new Stabicraft 1550 Fisher owners, Jeff & Donna Martin.

It’s a pleasure to hear of adventures on Stabicraft and equally important to get honest design feedback – the positive and any areas which local experience suggest could be improved.

Read Jeff and Donna Martin’s Stabicraft 1550 Fisher owner review here.


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Tylor and the Boat Country team have an impressive number of newly arrived Stabicrafts to show off, including severaL examples of the best-selling Stabicraft 1550 Fisher.

To view the whole Stabicraft range currently available at Boat Country, click here

Stabicraft 1550 Fisher2019 Stabicraft 1550 Fisher – View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 1650 Fisher 2019 Stabicraft 1650 Fisher – View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 2500 Ultracab2018 Stabicraft 2500 Ultracab XL - View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 1550 Fisher2019 Stabicraft 1550 Fisher - View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 1550 Fisher2019 Stabicraft 1550 Fisher – View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 2750 Ultra-Centercab2019 Stabicraft 2750 Ultra Center cab View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 1850 Supercab2018 Stabicraft 1850 Supercab - View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 2050 Supercab2018 Stabicraft 2050 Supercab - View at Boat Country

Stabicrfat 2750 Ultra-Centercab2018 Stabicraft 2750 Ultra Centrecab View at Boat Country

Stabicraft 2100 Supercab2017 Stabicraft 2100 SuperCab - View at Boat Country