15 November 2021 Build Your Stabi®

Build Your Stabi® | Stabicraft


Stabicraft® is New Zealand's largest trailer boat manufacturer and is internationally regarded as one of the most disruptive. They've just launched a very exciting kit, which will likely change the marine industry in the coming years, and we're not even talking about a new boat design. This is a digital revolution.

While Stabicraft's new digital face showcases the core brand story and breath-taking adventure content in the form of a slick new website, it is the company's new 'Build Your Stabi®' program that breaks new ground.

Build Your Stabi® allows potential new owners to experience an interactive 3D boat builder to explore models in detail and build their dream Stabicraft®. Once immersed, users can navigate 360 degrees both in and outside of each model, explore features through animation, learn about different packages, then customise and visualise their dream boat and, finally, request a quote.


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Stabicraft® Marketing Manager Daniel Upperton said the research process for buying a new boat is increasingly digital, and it was identified that customers wanted better access to information online.

"We had the 3D models; we just needed an engaging way to communicate these to the public. The automotive industry has dabbled in the 3D product builder space, but even some of their solutions were clunky.”

build your stabi 3d models

The search for a suitable 3D product builder was a global one. Half a dozen companies from around the world were approached. Stabicraft® chose Digital Twin as their strategic partner, the boutique interactive division of Auckland based creative studio, Kaleidoscope.

"The challenge we put forward was not a small one, but it has been welcomed the entire way."

The result is an inter-creative 3D boat builder that allows anyone with internet access to 'walk through' each Stabicraft® model.

"It shows a level of detail usually only achieved on a dealerships yard or a design studio. People can now
experience this detail without having to leave their homes. It is completely game-changing"

Daniel said that as the Build Your Stabi® program took form, it made the old website feel archaic. It made sense for Stabicraft® to design the new website and launch their new digital face all at once.

The website phase of the project was partnered with Award-winning Auckland design agency Onfire Design. Managing Director Sam Allan said, "Stabicraft® places a lot of emphasis on user-friendly design that is fit for purpose. The Onfire team looked to mimic this ethos, ensuring the website was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and educational. We introduced 'Stabi™ TV', a central hub for all video content, which meant users could learn about the boats and brand without being led away from the website."

For Stabicraft®, this digital revolution is just another step in pushing industry boundaries.

"Since its inception, Stabicraft® has been at war with the status quo – this digital journey is about being the
best in the world across every aspect of the business.

build your stabi 3d models

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